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Your Initial Experience

Your initial integrative exam with Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC, ACN, is an information-gathering day. This crucial step in your care distinguishes him from any other natural doctor, functional nutritionist in Los Angeles, or holistic nutritionist in Beverly Hills. It is the foundation and starting point for your path to an improved level of health.

Before you arrive, you will receive your initial questionnaire by email. Easily click on the document to complete it, print it, and bring it with you to start your functional, holistic nutrition analysis without delay.

Please note: if you cannot print your questionnaire, you must contact the doctor and arrive 30 minutes before your set appointment time.


Nutrition Response Testing

With nutrition response testing, Dr. Lieberman can help you unblock your healing potential more effectively. Most people who follow Dr. Lieberman's directions are able to get back on track, regain and keep their health, and empower their optimal health more easily than ever before. That's the whole purpose!

  • What is Nutrition Response Testing?

    After you give your authorization, Dr. Lieberman will physically analyze your present state of health with a detailed, integrative, chiropractic, neurological and functional nutrition exam. Other tools he uses are Nutrition Response Testing and physical performance assessments with chiropractic-applied kinesiology.

  • How does Nutrition Respose Testing work?

    Your Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) analysis is where we clinically determine your initial functional nutrition, homeopathic, and chiropractic starting point of a step-by-step plan. This is a comfortable, easy-to-do, non-invasive, whole-body, integrative chiropractic, physical type of exam. We include an evaluation of the most common health barriers. Your nutritional testing reveals when your health is green and growing or if it appears you need help. Whatever your current level of health, our task is to empower you.

  • Nutrition Response Testing Results

    After your initial Nutrition Response Testing and chiropractic analysis are completed we will ask you to return to our office for your full explanation and report of findings. When you come back on your second visit, Dr. Lieberman will have prepared a written report for you. If care is recommended for you, he will present you with your choices in the first half of your second visit.

    It is important that you return for your report within seven days of your first nutrition response testing visit. Most people are excited to start early. How about you?


Dr. Lieberman's method using Nutrition Response Testing adds additional layers to conventional muscle testing kinesiology. Please Note: Dr. Lieberman is one of the very few doctors in Los Angeles who have truly mastered Nutrition Response Testing. He is a master in chiropractic Functional Nutrition and body systems analysis, which opens new possibilities to empower your health in ways you may have never thought possible.

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Second Appointment

After your 1st visit, when you arrive for your second one, we will give you your written report of our findings. Your report is based on your specific evaluation measures and includes your individual wellness plan starting point.

Your plan will be different than anyone else's. If you have any questions about your report, we will gladly answer them immediately. Nutritional blood tests, additional allergy tests, or other lab tests might also be recommended at this time.


Your Health Is Your Choice

After you read and understand your report, it's your choice to make your commitment to empowering your health and wellness, crossing the bridge from your previous level of health to powerful healing, health, and well-being! When you decide to continue with care, these are the following steps:

  • 1. Re-evaluation

    Dr. Lieberman will reexamine you to verify that even on different days or at different times, his Nutrition Response Testing analysis remains consistent and repeatable for you.
    This is precisely the point that most other Los Angeles doctors, practitioners, or nutritionists would skip. Without a repeatable and consistent assessment method like Dr. Lieberman's, an evaluation done by a different practitioner may have very little, if any, therapeutic value. With each subsequent visit, there is a re-evaluation before any treatment or recommendations are made.

  • 2. Individually Unique Health Empowerment Program

    After reconfirming your NRT evaluation, Dr. Lieberman will initiate the nutritional component of your individually unique health empowerment program based on chiropractic, nutritional practices, and years of experience.