Don’t Treat The Doctor Like A Technician

When you go to a technician, you expect to tell that person what you want and have that person do that service for you. A few examples come to mind: a massage therapist – who you tell to rub your muscles with a certain amount of pressure, and a hairdresser, who you tell to cut your hair a certain way. With a technician, you are the one who directs the service. You have an expectation, and you want your expectation to get fulfilled.

When you go to an alternative doctor in Los Angeles , do you expect the same thing? Do you know better about the causes of your health condition than the doctor you visit? If you think you do, then why do you even go to a doctor? Do you even care about his, or her opinion, or do you go there just to tell him or her what to do? Don’t go to a doctor and take his, or her valuable time if you think you know better.

The Exam

A doctor does a history and physical evaluation to understand your condition. Do you have any experience performing a physical examination yourself, and knowing what it means? Does the doctor’s exam seem meaningless to you? Do you think you don’t need a physical evaluation because you already know the answers about your own condition? Ask yourself where you could have gotten those ideas. If your past experience with doctors is why you think this way, you seriously need the expert opinion of a completely alternative doctor!

“Ask Your Doctor”

It is extremely unfortunate that pharmaceutical commercialism has been driving the message that you should “ask your doctor” about a particular medication. Everyone knows that this notion of “ask your doctor” is about selling their drug. It is just a covert way of telling you to “tell your doctor” that you want him to prescribe that drug, based on the TV advertisement you just believed. Prescriptions based on advertisements? This is one of the most dangerous manifestations that can come from the multimedia-marketing blitz of pharmaceutical drug companies, and it is one of the main reasons why our current health care system is broken.

All the top speakers in the world tell you to “get out of your own way”

Who is the doctor? You? When you go to a doctor, especially an alternative doctor in Los Angeles for an alternative second opinion, it would be foolish to tell him what you want his opinion to be. More so, why would you even bother to ask the doctor anything if you know you are only going to tell him what to do, or what to prescribe? What kind of doctor would give you a treatment based on your opinion? One who doesn’t bother to examine you, or investigate the multiple causes of disease?

Maybe all the doctors you have ever seen were not looking for the multiple causes of disease, and that’s why you want to “have it your way” when you go to the doctor; just like the last time you went to Burger King. Have it your way? At a doctor’s office? Are you kidding? There’s no problem in denying any type of care; that’s your choice, but overly directing the doctor is a sign that you seriously need to find, and listen to the right alternative doctor.

What if the doctor you seek for an alternative second opinion is able to evaluate your condition through a detailed physical examination that you are unfamiliar with, and is able to give you an alternative perspective and find the reasons for your condition that you had never even considered before—because you are not a doctor? Isn’t that what you need?

What if this alternative, second opinion doctor in Los Angeles can address things related to your nervous system that influence muscles, your spine, organs, and most functions of your body—nerve tone—but you expected something else? Would you cast it away as meaningless? If you jump to your own simple conclusions about what you need, and follow your own advice anyway, aren’t you just playing doctor yourself? Do you really think you know better? If you want to play doctor yourself, you really should not be seeking the educated opinion of an alternative doctor and take the doctor’s valuable time he spends to physically evaluate you. Instead, you should seek the service of a technician, whom you can micro-manage to your heart’s content.

“My most frustrating challenge as a pulpit rabbi was dealing with people who already knew exactly what they believed and were unwilling to question those beliefs. People who knew I was wrong because what I said contradicted what they believed.” -Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg 3-15-12

You know, most people tend to get in their own way when it comes to making some real progress in their lives, whether it be about their finances, or about their own health and lifestyle choices. That’s largely why people seek an expert opinion. This is just a fact. All the top speakers in the world tell you to “get out of your own way.” So weigh your new options for healing. Does the doctor giving an alternative second opinion have a logical holistic method to reveal the causes of your condition that you didn’t know about? Is there a way he will measure progress? If the doctor’s recommendation is not based on dangerous medical beliefs, is not risky, overly costly, or nonsensical, give it consideration. You went for an alternative second opinion, not for a massage, or a haircut. Get out of your own way! The success of your case may very well depend on which one of us is the doctor!

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