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Dr Lieberman DC, Best Chiropractor in Beverly Hills Who is the best chiropractor in Beverly Hills? It's the chiropractor who knows the best and most efficient way to find your target correction. He knows how to definitively determine where the condition in your spine is not normal anymore (a subluxation), where the flow of nerve information (energy) through your nerves gets altered, irritated, or diminished like a dim light bulb. He knows where to give the exact adjustment you need.nerves

Correcting Nerve Interference: Irritation of your nervous system may result in a compensation by your body. Your body uses this compensation to survive, not to thrive. In this state, your body is not at ease (dis-ease), and is enduring its present state of dis-regulation— for the sake of survival.

Scientific literature says the following: "dis-regulation of such a key system [the nervous system] is associated with disease either linked to a primary [nervous system] dysfunction or as an element in the [disease processes and expression] of complex disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and depression." 1

In other words, uncorrected malfunction (spinal subluxation) will eventually lead to disease, as stated above. Once the disease process has become established it is only a matter of time before symptoms appear—and you would feel them when your malfunction level gets to about 60%. That's a 60% loss of function before you would experience symptoms!

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Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC is an Integrative Chiropractor in Beverly Hills, using Whole Body Functional Nutrition

Fortunately, Dr. Barry Lieberman, chiropractor in Beverly Hills, can reveal the hidden problem areas of your body, way before there is an established disease process underway. Fully evaluating and putting it all together for you into a clear plan to improve your condition is one of his specialties! Dr. Barry Lieberman, DC your chiropractor in Beverly Hills, will include examining your spine for the signs of subluxation. After your exam, he creates the best health plan for your personal needs, to give you the best possibility of empowering your health. It all starts with your initial detailed evaluation. The Evaluation is necessary. We don't do quickie adjustments.
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Dr. Lieberman Gets To

The Root Causes of Spinal Problems

In medical practice there are two key parts: the diagnosis: identifying and/or naming a "disease" or syndrome, and the treatment of the symptoms. In Medicine, "treatment" means drugs, surgery, etc.

Unfortunately, the word "diagnosis" is not really what we all think it is. In today's world, a diagnosis is merely putting a name on a collection of symptoms like adult ADD, or fibromyalgia, or postpartum depression, even without any knowledge of their underlying causes. Commonly, the underlying causes of any particular "diagnosis" are not known at all.

In conventional Medicine they may even say that the symptom is the cause, like with acid indigestion, but you must remember that the symptom is not the root cause, the symptom is the result.

In the case of arthritis pain, it would be like saying that arthritis is caused by the symptoms of arthritis! That's just wrong. Aside from a great chiropractor, no other doctor even tries to get to the underlying causes of the symptoms! Instead, the focus, in conventional western medicine, is just on blocking the symptoms, or cutting them out. For Arthritis, "inflammation" is treated with anti--inflammatory drugs, regardless of the many underlying causes of the inflammation.

Helping you to Get Well should be
The Best Chiropractor
's Specialty : The Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) has a higher goal for you than just naming the symptoms and covering them. That higher goal is to achieve a true correction. That's what Dr. Lieberman does the best, to be the best chiropractor he can be in Beverly Hills.
"Chronically recurring subluxations are caused by an organ (or organs) with an energy problem. This is called a "viscero-somatic reflex." That energy problem is the result of poor nutrition or toxins, which have compromised the structural integrity of the organ."

In Beverly Hills, if you just want to stop the symptoms without following through and addressing the root causes of your condition, Dr. Lieberman would gladly refer you to a different doctor in Beverly Hills, who would just treat your symptoms. Then, when your condition would eventually spiral down and become worse, you would eventually need to cover more symptoms with more prescriptions, and continue to use common crisis care as needed; all because you only wanted to stop your symptoms. Simply put: if you don't follow through with your corrective care, you won't get well, so why even start?

If instead, you are interested in affecting the underlying multiple causes of your condition, and correcting them, you are gong to love working with Dr. Lieberman: who you might say is your Best Chiropractor in Beverly Hills.

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